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Labor day weekend.

Labor day weekend was so extremely busy for me. I started with fabric clean out to inventory all items for my shop. So now all I have to do is list the items. I finished with thread and buttons, zippers, batting, fabric. I also just started working on making my scrap bags for my shop. I have so many bins of scrap material that is just perfect for quilting or making purses, totes, doll dress, home decor items, etc. I had all my projects lined up to start on Saturday morning when tragedy struck our family…..little Igor our beloved 14 month old Bengal kitty was found dead. So with my attention drawn to my daughter, I kind of just let Saturday and Sunday go. Poor Allison. You do everything you can to stop your kid from hurting no matter what the age. I am behind on my schedule but when hearts break you drop everything.

This week I have prepared my schedule for my scrap bags, Misses blouses, and toddler clothes. We have a tropical wave coming this way (SW Fl) so I’m hoping my electricity doesn’t get knocked out by the lightning. I hate when that happens…I drive home to start working on my projects only to be down because of nature. UGH!!! I also have just kept my Etsy shop for now since I have caved and am working for MRI facility. I couldn’t pass it up since it is stable income and I was going crazy from working from home 24/7 plus my father thinking I was his personal secretary. EEEK-family. But now that I am on my second week, I am just working weekly on projects to keep my customers happy. Holidays are approaching so I want to be able to offer some great one of a kind gifts. I loved when my grandma made me things so I know others will appreciate unique gifts. My moto is buy handmade- memory is worth it.
Check out my site : for great fabric to sew or quilt and coming soon unique gifts and handmade items.

Igor- Iggypoo

Igor- Iggypoo


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September-new goal.

New goal…..Well I tried my best to work only from home this entire summer even though so many, many days I wanted to go out of my mind. Much love to the stay at home moms. I honestly don’t know how you do not go crazy. I was starved for adult conversation and I think that is because I went back to work the year after my daughter was born. I really had no choice as a single mom – I kinda had to just jump back in the work force as my church ladies babysat my daughter. I missed out on a lot and I tell my best friend, Patti, this all the time. Stay home now and then when you boy is in high school you could work while he is in school. I wished I was able to do that but anyways I really tried but alas I broke down and took a job with a medical imaging co close to home.

It will be great as I will have set hours and I answer to just the boss plus there is down time 2 days a week where I will be able to think of some plans for my business. I think it will be great and plus I will have patient contact which I love but most of all- the boss is great.

I really tried to work my business from home but with my teenager constantly wanting to help me drove me insane. I love her to death but the world does not evolve around Allison working me for a driver’s license. 🙂 In all we did work good together coming up with new ideas and she is taking painting to help increase her talent so this month she will start featuring her artwork. I have to say I am extremely proud because at 16 I was not secure with what I wanted to do. Her goal is fine arts and Juliard (I fainted when she told me that).
LOL. But she is good at her artwork and working on her gloomy girls series so she’s hoping her art teacher will help with areas she feels are weak.

So after all that has happened this weekend- new job, teen back to school, inventory with my sewing studio….I decided to concentrate on one website at a time. I decided to close my Artfire account for this time because it is new and seems to be slow maybe due to a lot of people do not know about it. I felt with two sites I spent 100% of my time working on networking then actually completing projects. It seemed to be double the work and only Etsy was getting the attention. So as of September 1st , I will only have my etsy site: I have this to the right also.

I also am making over my Etsy site to list mainly fabric/notions and sewing supplies but I will also have handmade items just not a lot due to time contraints. I’m hoping to be able to offer custom items in the future. But as the holidays approach, I really think it is wise to have just one site to work on. This month I plan to list fabrics and sewing notions, scrap grab bags, gothic series painted dolls, clothing for girls/misses, and home decor items. Just cute items for rooms and kitchen. Then we will be listing Allison’s art/photography by second week of September.

Save my site and check back often-lots of gifts will be listed and many supplies on hand.
Take care to all.

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End of August

Rose print fabric

Rose print fabric

Well the month is now almost over and I have reduced some of my bolts of fabric.  Now I am gearing up for September and to be able to start my projects.  I just completed on Saturday some Misses blouses and this weekend I am hoping to list my painted dolls and other unique gifts.  I have also been scouring different fabric shops for some fabric this fall.  I hope to have an inventory sale for the spring / summer fabrics.

I have some custom orders right now for Misses tops in size 8 to 16 listed so I’m hoping to be able to include some spring/summer fabric for these blouses.  After spending 2 days going through my inventory, I am preparing for fall/winter fabrics to bring ing.

Check out my site for fabric and also, this weekend I will be showcasing my dolls, home decor, and clothing in my etsy shop.

Blue floral peasant top

Blue floral peasant top

Green floral top

Green floral top

Here are some of my current tops and fabric.  Check out my websites for  fabric and my handmade items.  XMAS is coming get your gifts now.

Some of my favorite sites to shop back to school or for gifst:

Veritas art project is a featured artist on artfire-she does awesomework.

More to come later- until later…..BUY HANDMADE!!!!!

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Fabric now listed

I am now on my Artfire site associated with the ARTFIRE SUPPLIES GUILD.  I am very happy to be part of a great team that offers supplies to crafters. So I’m changing my business to primarily fabric & notions then my handmade crafts also.  I have a love of fashion and fabric gives me inspiration to create personal items that make great gifts.

I am having a back to school event in my shop for fabric.  Make an outfit for your toddler/preschool/tween girl and they will be the hit of school (I know my daughter was).  Yes education is the main reason for school but face it so is fashion and I absolutely loved how my daughter bounced down the steps each morning excited about her jumper I made.  She even requested outfits just for photo days – they start photos here in SW Florida early so that’s why I would be working all weekend to get hers done.

Check out my artfire shop (also etsy) for my new fabric listing for back to school fashion or even just to get a head start on halloween or xmas gifts.  Lots of beautiful fabric to make home decor, dolls, stuffed animals, purses, totes, clothing, and so much more.

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Confessions of a fabric addict…..

Ever had too much of something???  That would be me too.  I recently started my sewing business and have gone through boxes in my storage room.  I didn’t label anything correctly (normally I am anal about this) so as I was going through the boxes, I realized I had 13 big boxes marked wrong.  Ok, I thought so I have a little fabric addiction.  Now that I have gone through the rest of my storage room today, I have come to admit – I am fabric obsessed.  There I’ve said it.  I must have bolts and bolts of the same kind of fabric.  It’s an illness-LOL.  But in all honesty you never know when you may use it- at least that is what I’m telling myself.  So what to do with all this fabric??

I have too much that I could sew until I’m 90 (which I’m 36 so that’s too much).  I have a sewing studio of 12’x10′ so it’s small but so quaint and I even have my office on the right side wall so it’s even smaller.  I have an extra storage room around the corner where I have stored our stuff for this fall when we relocate to a bigger space.  I know, I know just what I need a bigger place.  Honestly, I thought the boxes stacked so neatly were my daughter’s craft/art supplies along with our winter clothing.  Imagine my surprise when searching for the DVD “Lady in the water” in a boxed marked DVD’s to open it and find sewing notions.  Oh, so that’s where I put the extras.  OMG-I am ill with the need to add more.

I already have listed fabric from my bolts that I have left in my office (NOT including the boxes we found today) on Etsy and Artfire to bring in my fall fabric bolts.  No need now since finding all 13 boxes are full of more bolts.  I was amazed and irritated with myself.  Of course, my daughter, Allison 16, didn’t make me feel better by stating you have too much junk and then handed my the Joann flyer that came in the mail today.  Yeah no kidding and Yes, I still want to go to Joann fabric and quilt shops.

Well the first thing to do is admit you have a problem and move on from there so here goes- Hello my name is Lisa and I’m a fabric addict.  LOL.  Maybe this is my hint to list fabric and notions along with my creations on Etsy & Artfire- this would be good to encourage others to love fabric.  ha ha.

Don’t worry I am listing at least 1/2 of the inventory on my sites.  Check it out if you need fabric (hint, hint…you know you want more too.)  I feel it’s all grandma’s fault for teaching me to sew- yeah that makes me feel better.  Love her. 🙂

for fabric and other creations check out:  lots of great fabric to make back to school or college stuff.

I better get to listing for now.  Hope to have some new creations to tell you about on Sunday.  Take care!!!

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August Back to school sale

Times are tough and now every parent is now facing that back to school shopping experience. I have a teen so now everything is so expensive for school -thank goodness she is still in girl pants (very petite) so I know how dreaded the supplies list is.

When my daughter was in preschool and elementary , I made her peasant dresses and outfits which saved so much money. I also bought handmade outfits at our local fleamarket. She was a hit at school with her boutique outfits and dresses. She had several school pictures in her favorite jumpers. I refused to pay $70 for one outfit at the mall. I knew later on in life she would have that taste for the mall or so I thought. She LOVES handmade and vintage creations. I think the most she spends is at JcPenny & Old Navy but she’s great she hits only the sales rack (I raised her right). So as I was sitting her working on my toddler outfits for a customer, she had a brilliant idea: have a back to school sale.

So check out my shops- AUGUST IS BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!!!

Right now I have toddler dresses and also misses tops listed for sale. I will have girl outfits sz 5 to 7 listed on Friday.


my etsy:

my artfire:

My links are also on my front page. Take care and happy shopping.

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August goals for handmade creations

August goal for handmade projects
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For the month of August my goals for my shops are:
College/teen items back to school
accessories: eyeglass/ipod/cell phone cases
misses blouses size xsm to xlg (4 to 16)
Toddler outfits size 2 to 4
Girl outfits size 5 to 7
pet beds & toys combo
painted dolls & plushies
unique gifts
plus custom orders on plushies, misses, & toddler items.

I have selected some great fabric for back to school items as well as misses blouses and toddler outfits. Please check my sites for more info. Starting in September, I will be accepting custom items on all my categories in my store.

my etsy
my artfire

Check out some of my favorite sites:
fav fabric store
back to school supplies
baby artfire shop

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July 31st- back in Florida

Back to Florida
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Back in Florida and dropped off my daughter to my brother’s for a couple of weeks.
So now that I’m alone I have my sketch pad open and thinking of new designs.
I will started some misses blouses and toddler dress sets which I listed on my Etsy and Artfire sites. I put on some fabric choices for custom outfits. Still setting up for my August promotions. It will be back to school so I want to make sure that I have enough items for college teens, toddlers and even misses. I have a great selection of fabric and thread so I still don’t have to hit the craft store for a while.
Today I’m working on marketing my shops and should have this completed by Friday July 31st.
When marketing your self employed business, it is important to research all the criteria that will make your company thrive. I had no idea all the time it takes to build up a business. My goal is to open my own site to direct traffic to Etsy and Artfire by October. This should help anyone looking for holiday gifts or just something special that a customer must have. Right now my focus is Back to School for toddlers, kids, teens/college girls
mostly. My target audience will be girls & women due to I have no boys so I’m not familiar with that specific area.
So after re-organizing my sewing studio, my myspace page, blogs, and store sites (I am an very organized to do list person) I will start my sewing projects tomorrow am. I hope to be able to post more blogs and mini twitters regarding my stores and what I’m doing.
Check out my photos to see what I’ve made this month of July.
Well I must get back to my piles and piles of fabric… little time in the day to organize.
For all women: this site is a great place to find organized containers. I found this site after watching Trish on Clean house (fav show). She is sooo like me as far as being neat & everything in it’s place.
click the link:Organize your life
my stores:
my etsy
my artfir

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July 2009

OMG the storms.
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Well from last blog we left to check out Northern Alabama. The craft fairs were awesome and the people were the MOST friendly that you will ever meet. I received so many comments about the area and felt extremely welcomed. HOWEVER, the tornadoes I can live without. Not to make you bust out laughing but I am a Florida girl since the age of three and I am not used to these kind of storms! I thought Florida was bad with the torential rains and lightning- no there is NOTHING that will scare you to death as an alarm that blares through the area warning you that a POSSIBLE tornado is in the area. Right!?!!
Well lets just say that both my daughter, Allison and I freaked out- literally. When brought up to the Inn keeper (so sweet lady) she advises me that mostly June is dry season however they are having a bad spring. I ended up very tired and sleeping in until after 10/11am each morning after being WIDE awake almost every night. Don’t get me wrong there are 90% awesome reasons to live in this quaint area but not with tornadoes.
So we are staying until 4th of July and heading back. Plus, I need to get the sewing
We are trying Auburn this fall before moving. That is the college Allison wants to go to plus the area is surrounded by crafting artists which is what I’m looking for anyways. I will be honest and say that even though there were over and over warnings issued for tornadoes none came close to us still I can’t live that way constantly being in fear oh and freaking out my teen. (I admit I am the first to tell you my extreme fear of twisters however that is my favorite movie- go figure. I’m warped. LOL) I should be receiving a relocation package by the time we get back and we’ll go from there. The chamber was so sweet to advise me that they do get storms and warnings but it is not that bad- oh I hope and pray I don’t bring the bad luck of storms. ha ha.
See my pics from the Northern Alabama area.
Take care to all!!!

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June 2009 blog

Left today for Alabama (Northern part) and will be gone for about month and half to check out if my daughter and I want to relocate to Decatur/Huntsville area or other northern cities of Alabama.

Will blog more when I have a chance.

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